Over 227 Million Medicines Errors are Made Each Year, Protect The People You Support Today By Training Your Staff Properly

Around 237 million medicines errors happen every year – don’t let your organisation add to that number.

It has been reported that medicines errors are contributing to 4 to 5 deaths a day in the UK.  Here are just some of the recent articles that have been reporting this:

NHS medication errors contribute to as many as 22,000 deaths a year, major report shows

Drug errors cause appalling harm and deaths, says Hunt

NHS medicine errors may have contributed to 22,000 deaths a year

These mistakes include:

  • Wrong medications being given
  • Incorrect doses dispensed
  • Delays in medication being administered

Medicines Errors

The Government is working with Pharmacists, GPs and hospitals to prevent medicines errors but you can do your bit too:

  1. Train your staff on the correct way to administer and handle medicines so they feel confident and competent;
  2. Have a clear and concise medicines policy that staff can easily follow and implement when administering medicines;
  3. Competency assess your staff regularly to ensure knowledge is being put in practice by staff.

Having well trained and competent staff with the skills to administer medicines safely provides:

  • Peace of mind to the people you support
  • Reassurance to their loved ones
  • Confidence to the Regulator

If you are interested in reducing the medicines errors in your organisation, search our range of accredited medicines courses today.