New CQC FAQs – Are You Up To Date?

CQC have recently released some medicines FAQs on their website that care organisations must be aware of.

The FAQs cover 23 different topics, including:

  • disposal of medicines;
  • high risk medicines (such as insulin and lithium);
  • and time sensitive medicines.

You can find the FAQs here: CQC Website


What You Can Do:

1, Ensure your policy is in line with the new FAQs

Contact Opus today to have your policy reviewed and Opus’ team of qualified Pharmacists will suggest amendments and additions to ensure your policy is fully compliant.

2, Identify any gaps in staff training

We have face to face courses, e-learning and distance learning workbooks covering a wide range of topics including medicine-specific courses such as Understanding Medicines in Diabetes, High Risk Medicines and Controlled Drugs.

3, Familiarise yourself with the new FAQs

To make your life easier, we have prepared an Information Sheet covering the main principles that might be currently missing from your policy.

Additionally, we will be publishing detailed updates on each specific FAQ document to make it easier for your organisation to ensure they are compliant and acting in line with CQC best practice.

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