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Supporting Staff Who Don't Meet the Required Standard of Competence

Can your staff spot the difference between warfarin 0.5mg on the MAR sheet and warfarin 5mg on the label? Or lorazepam on the MAR sheet and loprazolam on the label?

Using Online Competency Assessments during the Pandemic

Due to staff shortages, and a need for digital solutions to training during the pandemic, care organisations are more frequently using online competency assessment tools to gauge the competence of their staff.

OPUS have developed a Foundation Online Competency Assessment for new staff, and an Advanced Competency Assessment for assessing more senior or experienced staff.

These Competency Assessments indicate areas where staff are competent and areas where they need additional support.

What Happens When Delegates Aren't Competent?

It can be hard for Managers or senior staff to know what support to provide when a staff member does not reach the required standard of competence.

OPUS online competency assessments provide a Learning Needs Report identifying areas requiring further review, but it can be difficult to know the best way to guide your staff to a successful competency assessment.

To help, we have put together 2 tools for you to use within your care organisation.

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What to do following the failure of an Online Competency Assessment

Why Do We Need to Competency Assess Staff?

CQC Guidance

CQC requires that 'You should have a formal process to assess staff competence. You must not allow staff to manage or administer medicines before that assessment'

Training into Practice

Competency assessing staff demonstrates whether they can put the information they learnt on their medicines training course into practice in their care setting


Competency assessments are the perfect way to evidence to the Regulator that your staff are continuing on a day-to-day basis to put their training into practice and not fall into bad habits


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