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Closing the Knowledge Gap: Upskilling Senior Staff

How to upskill senior staff to enable them to support care staff with the administration of medicines

The Concern

Many staff are having to step up into more senior positions during the pandemic to cover staff shortages, redeployment of senior staff to high-priority services, and staff being busier than ever.

Before the pandemic, senior staff were able to improve their medicines administration knowledge by:

  • learning from experienced senior colleagues;
  • asking questions from other senior members of staff; and
  • learning by experience during the course of their role,

to ensure their knowledge was in line with their senior position.

With experienced staff now often unavailable, staff taking on senior roles need new ways to develop the expertise required to support their staff.

The Solution

To overcome this, we have developed a support document to guide care organisations on how to achieve the same level of knowledge for their senior staff through self-study learning that can be done from anywhere.

Why Do Senior Staff/ Managers Need Training?

To ensure care staff are supported in their role, senior staff and Managers need to:

  • have a comprehension and understanding of medicines administration that is a level above that of their care staff
  • be able to assess competence of their staff
  • be confident in auditing errors and incidents in order to make positive changes to cultures and behaviours.




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competency assessment, auditing and managing medication workbook and resource pack