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Buccal Midazolam & Epilepsy Medicines Online Interactive Workbook

The accredited online distance learning workbook you need to administer buccal midazolam safely.


Delivered as an online interactive workbook with online assessment and immediate certificate of successful completion.


Also available as a paper copy distance learning workbook with either an online or paper assessment.


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  • Accreditation
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Course Information

Are you fully trained to administer buccal midazolam? You never know when a person in your care may experience a severe epileptic seizure. Staff need to be confident and trained on current best practice to fully support a person with epilepsy.

Our Buccal Midazolam & Epilepsy Medicines (Foundation) Online Interactive Workbook allows you to learn at your own pace and provides detailed information on epilepsy, its symptoms and available treatments as well as up to date guidance on buccal midazolam and how to administer it in your care setting.

Complete your assessment online following the completion of your workbook. Receive your certificate of successful completion immediately after the course.

The accredited online learning course you need to administer buccal midazolam safely, after being assessed as competent.

A great resource for Nurses to use as part of their revalidation.

Course Content:

  • What is epilepsy?
  • What is a seizure?
  • Types of epilepsy and seizures
  • Signs and symptoms of partial seizures
  • What triggers a seizure?
  • Treatments of epilepsy
  • Side effects and anti-epileptic medicines
  • When to report
  • Medicines that interact with anti-epileptic medicines
  • Risks of anti-epileptic medicines and pregnancy
  • First Aid for seizures
  • Status Epilepticus prevention and treatment
  • Buccal midazolam – Brands – Administration – Procedures – General advice – After treatment with buccal midazolam – Side effects – Storage – Disposal
  • Individual Healthcare Plans
  • Further information
  • Putting your learning into practice

This course is:

  • Accredited by CPD
  • Endorsed by Skills for Care
  • Developed by qualified Pharmacist trainers
  • Compliant with CQC/ Ofsted requirements
  • Evidenced by a certificate of successful completion – available immediately
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Online Interactive Workbook

£22.50 per workbook licence We offer the following discounted prices: £20 per workbook licence for orders of 10 workbook licences or more. £17.50 per workbook licence for orders of 100 workbook licences or more. *No VAT charged.


How long do the courses take?

Most of our Pharmacist-led courses are half day (3-hour) sessions with a qualified Pharmacist trainer, either at your venue (for face-to-face sessions) or online via Zoom (virtual learning). We offer full day Foundation courses (6 hours) and also can combine any two 3-hour courses to create a full day session. Our Foundation e-learning courses take between 1.5 to 2 hours to complete. Competency Assessments and Refresher courses take approximately 1 hour and Bite-size courses take approximately 30 minutes. Our distance learning workbooks can be completed in your own time and at your own pace.

Are OPUS courses accredited?

Yes! All of our courses and services are accredited by CPD, and we are a Skills for Care Endorsed Training Provider.

Where do courses take place?

Face-to-face sessions are held at your venue, providing extra convenience for your staff. We have Pharmacist trainers across the UK so no region is too remote or too far! Virtual learning sessions are accessed via Zoom link and are presented by a Pharmacist-trainer. E-learning courses are completed online and can be used on any internet-enabled device, including Macs, PCs and iPads. Distance Learning Workbooks are posted promptly to an address of your choosing. Larger order can be couriered to you or sent recorded delivery.

How many people can attend a Face to Face course?

Our Pharmacist-led sessions for staff are for groups of up to 16 learners. Manager’s courses are undertaken in smaller groups of up to 10 delegates.

When do I get my certificate?

For e-learning courses, competency assessments and distance learning workbooks- straight away! Once you’ve successfully completed the end of course assessment, you will be able to print off your certificate immediately. For our face to face courses, the trainer will mark your assessments and all successful delegates will  be able to access their certificates within 48 hours of the course via our Online Learning Zone. Virtual learning certificates are available immediately upon successful completion of the assessment via our Online Learning Zone.

How long does my certificate last for?

For most courses, certificates have a recommended refresher of 2 years. Competency assessments certificates are valid for 1 year in line with CQC guidance. Skills for Care guidance recommends that training be updated at least annually and OPUS offers online competency assessments which can be used a year after your training for this purpose and refresher courses which can be completed when your certificate expires.

How do I get set up for E-learning?

Simply purchase through our shop! Once we’ve received your details, you will receive an email with login details from our support team. Follow the instructions and you’re ready to go! If you are purchasing more than one licence for an organisation, you may want to assign someone from your organisation to issue passwords to your staff and to print certificates. This person will be termed as a group “manager/instructor”. Provide the instructor’s name and email during checkout and they will receive all login details they need by email.

How many E-learning licences do I need and how long do they last?

Each individual learner needs their own licence. Licences last 1 year from the date they are allocated to a user (NOT from the date of purchase) so if you have staff you will need to train in the future, you can purchase a bundle of licences to take advantage of our discounted rates and allocate them to staff as and when they are needed.

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