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We've put together the information you need to allow you to successfully train your Managers and staff effectively and safely.

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Skills for Care have recently published guidance advising that medicines training is 'essential training'.

CQC have reinforced the message saying care providers are to 'make every effort to ensure staff are competent, confident and skilled in providing safe care to the people using their service'.

Skills for Care have said that organisations must stop face to face training, and use digital training solutions instead.

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What’s the Plan?

To help you decide the best way forward, we’ve put together a Contingency Training Plan for you to download, outlining key steps and training options available.

The 3-Point Plan set out in the document can be used to quickly and effectively train staff to be able to assist with and/or administer medicines in your organisation.

Who Needs Medicines Training? 

Changes to frontline staff during the COVID-19 pandemic have meant more staff are being called up.

CQC have advised that organisations are to 'make every effort to ensure staff are competent, confident and skilled in providing safe care to the people using their service'.

Staff you need to train may include:

Agency staff

New or inexperienced staff

Staff with expiring certificates

Redeployed staff

It is also important to train Managers and people taking on more senior roles, to ensure they are able to assess competence within your organisation.


Senior Staff

What Are My Training Options?

During the pandemic, it is vital that staff and Managers are trained without undertaking face to face training of any kind and, ideally, without having to travel.

Digital/ self-study training options available include:


Online medicines training allows your redeployed, new or untrained staff to undertake our accredited medicines foundation courses, specifically tailored to their care setting.

Virtual Learning

To enable our customers to continue to receive training directly from our team of expert Pharmacist trainers, we have developed 'Virtual Opus' - interactive face to face training delivered by way of video conference.

Online Competency Assessments

Online competency assessments can be used to evidence competence of staff to the Regulator whilst providing you with peace of mind that skills learnt during foundation training can be applied in practice.


Distance Learning Workbooks

We have distance learning workbooks that can be posted to you within 24 hours for staff to complete in their own time, from anywhere.

Assessments can be sent back to us electronically to avoid any unnecessary trips to the post office.

Guidance & FAQs

Administering from Original Packs for Care Homes

Administering from Original Packs for Homecare & Reablement

Delegating Medicines Administration: Info Sheet

Training Pathway for Care Staff

Training Pathway for Senior Staff

Training Contingency Plan

CD Legislation Changes During the Pandemic

Care Homes Medicines Management Checklist

Domiciliary Medicines Management Checklist

Procedure for the Disposal of Unwanted Medicines

Use of PPE when Administering Medicines

Opus Resources: 

Re-using Medicines in Care Homes & Hospices in England during the Covid-19 Pandemic

Please note: these resources will be updated as guidance changes over time

Introduction & Summary


Form 1 - Letter to Residents re Re-Used Medicines

Form 2 - High Level Risk Assessment

Form 3 - Assessment for Re-Use

Form 4 - Log of Re-Used Medicines

Procedure for Running a Medicines Re-Use Scheme

Procedure for the Storage of Re-Used Medicines

Procedure for the Handling of Controlled Drugs for Re-use

Procedure for Administering and Recording Re-Used Medicines

Full Resource Pack

Why Train Your Staff with Opus?


Opus training reflects the experience, knowledge and expertise of our highly qualified Pharmacist team.

Trusted Partners

We work together with our customers to understand their values and what is important to them, to offer guidance and training that really makes a difference in their care setting.

Ongoing Support

Our friendly team are available on an ongoing basis to support you- from easy booking options to answering medicines questions and queries, the Opus team is here to help.

What Are the Training Outcomes?

Trained Staff

Staff that are trained and ready to go without needing to travel

Competent Workers

Competency can be assessed without face to face contact

Compliant Organisation

Training is compliant with PHE/ WHO guidelines as well as CQC/ Ofsted guidance.

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