Online Competency Assessments: Overview

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Evidence to CQC on who is competent to handle medicines within your organisation.

Skills for Care have advised that during the COVID-19 pandemic, competency assessments must continue to take place annually.

If there are any concerns over a worker's competence, they must not administer medicines until they have undertaken further training and been signed off as competent. The required training may be delivered online.

Our online competency assessments are:

  • Accredited by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society;
  • Easily set up and allocated to staff members, as and when required
  • Completed in approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour
  • Usable on any web-based device
  • Evidenced by a learning needs report (received immediately).

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We have Foundation and Advanced Competency Assessments. Find out which one you need below.

Which Competency Assessment Should I Use?

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I want to train to become an assessor

To become an assessor and be able to assess the competency of others in medication handling, you will need to undertake:

I want to make sure I am competent

To assess your own competence, you will need to undertake:

Alternatively you may be assessed in the workplace by a senior member of staff who has an in-date certificate for assessing competence in medicines handling

I need to assess the competence of my staff

To assess the competence of your staff, you will need to choose the method of competency assessment that suits you best. You can:

Online Competency Assessments List 

Click on the competency assessment tailored to your care setting to find out more. Alternatively, get in touch to discuss your training needs.

Telephone: 0333 939 0053          Email: [email protected]

Competency Assessment for the Administration of Medicines (formerly Foundation Competency Assessments)

(formerly Foundation Competency Assessments)

How it Works

How it works…Advanced Competency Assessment

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