Safeguarding Issues with Medicines for Care Homes

Following the release of the new NICE guideline (NG189) in February 2021 we have put together a useful overview for Managers to help them address safeguarding issues with medicines in their care home.

Potential Issues Being Faced

It can be hard for care staff to know what constitutes a safeguarding issue, and when to report them.

Staff often worry that reporting safeguarding issues will reflect badly on them, though this is clearly not the case.

Managers/ senior staff want to create an open environment for their staff but it can be difficult to change behaviours in this area.

The OPUS Solution

We have prepared a guide to help Managers/ senior staff discuss safeguarding with staff.

It invites Managers to consider safeguarding issues with medicines from a number of different angles and then engage with staff to implement a consistent message around safeguarding.

The Guidance Document Covers...

What constitutes a safeguarding issue with medicines? 

The difference between safeguarding issues and poor practice

The importance of creating an open culture in your care home

When to make safeguarding referrals to the Local Authority

Learning from your experiences of managing safeguarding concerns