Training Agency Staff

With many care staff working around the clock to provide care to those they support during the height of the pandemic, care organisations may find that a large proportion of their care staff have annual leave accrued that they wish or are required to take.

The Potential Concern:

With the weather improving and lockdown restrictions being eased, many staff or Managers may request to take their annual leave at similar times. This could lead to shift patterns or an organisation's skillset mix being disrupted.

Care organisations may need to turn to agency or bank staff to fill the staff shortages, and these staff may not have the appropriate training to administer medicines safely.

The OPUS Solution:

We have put together a plan of action which can be used to help you:

  1. Quickly and effectively train staff if unexpected staff shortages should ever arise
  2. Implement a training programme for existing staff and agency staff 
  3. Understand potential weaknesses in your knowledge chain within your organisation

The Guidance Document Covers...

The current situation re. staff shortages

Considerations for your organisation

Action plan to train agency staff effectively

Potential pitfalls to be aware of