Over a quarter of care staff leaving the care sector each year. Make sure new staff are properly trained and competent to administer medicines.

Skills for Care have recently reported that “Staff turnover stands at 27.8%, with 345,000 people leaving the sector every year.”

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With this turnover rate so high, care organisations will be regularly recruiting new staff to fill their recruitment gaps.

It is vital to ensure that new care workers are adequately trained in medicines administration and handling to:

  • Keep the people they support safe;
  • Ensure staff feel competent and confident in their role; and
  • Evidence compliance with CQC and best practice guidance to the Regulator.
Care Staff

Opus has a variety of courses and services that can not only ensure your workforce are skilled and trained, but can also help to retain staff by creating a positive and supportive working environment:

1, Foundation Courses

Our foundation courses are suitable for all staff who are required to administer medicines. These courses provide staff with the information they need to feel confident and competent and to reduce medicines errors in their care setting.

2, Refresher Courses

We also have refresher courses for staff whose training needs updating. It is important for staff to have up to date knowledge of medicines handling and administration in order to remain confident and competent in the workplace and to reduce the likelihood of medicines errors.

3, Competency Assessment

Once staff have completed training, senior staff should competency assess their staff to ensure staff can apply their learning in their care setting. Our online competency assessments provide an easy way for staff to be assessed. This is also important for the learner’s development and understanding of the course material.

4, Medicines Policy & Procedures

For staff to feel secure in their work environment, all care organisations should have a clear and concise medicines policy and procedures. Staff should know where to find information on best practice within their care setting and be able to reference the material easily.

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